Sino Strategy Investments Limited (SSI) is a prominent private equity and venture capital investment firm based in Hong Kong and mainland China, previously a spin-off from the Sino Group in China and transformed from a China State Owned Investment Enterprise, currently managing over USD 2.50 billion in capital and asset value.

We set up the following “Investment Criteria”:
– Real estate property development and related asset-based    development projects such as Hotel and Resort
– High-Tech based development with significant market potential in China and overseas
– Oil and Gas Exploration in China and overseas
– Strong growth perspectives
– Niche-market leader (i.e. “The hidden champion”)
– Excellent and professional management team in place
– Strong passion to succeed from the Founders and CEO

With a team of investment professionals located in Hong Kong and China, SSI is an active lead investor working closely with our portfolio companies to develop their business both organically and through acquisitions, seeking synergistic cooperation among them, as well as enhancing shareholder value via promotion of good corporate governance and best management practices.

Our success is based on deep relationships built by its senior investment professionals with entrepreneurs, business leaders and government authorities in the region. Our team of investment professionals represents an ideal combination of private equity experience, international business exposure and local economy grounding.

Our relationship with its project entrepreneurs is built on a shared commitment to excellence, from start to finish. To this end, we are actively involved in our portfolio companies, making business development introductions, negotiating deals, finding strategic partners in domestic and/or overseas markets, generating sales leads, or developing new product or business ideas. Our partnership works as a team, bringing on board an array of skill sets, experience and connections. We pride ourselves for the excellent relationships that we have established with our portfolio companies